Dutotec: 36 years developing and manufacturing high quality products.

Dutotec’s philosophy is to investment in cutting-edge technologies to meet its customers by always doing the best.

Located in the industrial district of Cachoeirinha in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre, Q&T has two units: Unit 1 (24,000 m² property with a built-up area of 10,000 m²) and Unit 2 (26,500 m² property) with a built-up area recently increased from 3,000 m² to 6,000 m².

Quality and Technology in products

Dutotec has 3 lines of products:
• Line of products turned to the furniture sector with several solutions in metal furniture and steel finishing for furniture, with the possibility of developing special products for the sector;

• Metal mechanical line of products made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum with up to 3 mm of thickness, divided into electrical (boxes, panels, cubicles, etc.) and telecommunications (cabinets and racks) for several applications;

• Dutotec’s line of aluminum channels with varied accessories for electrical installations: at home or in the office, wires and cables are hidden, not interfering with the decoration and organization of environments.


  • 1985 QtEquipamentos 1985 Foundation

    Q&T Equipamentos is founded in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, with is fabrication turned to the metal mechanical line.

  • 1987 QtEquipamentos 1987 Cachoeirinha, RS.

    The foundation stone is launched in the industrial district of Cachoeirinha, Rio Grande do Sul.

  • 1988 1st phase of the factory is completed
  • 1991 QtEquipamentos 1991 Beginning and end of the 2nd phase of the factory.
  • 1992 Acquisition of the new area to build the 3rd phase of the factory.
  • 1999 QtEquipamentos 1999 The Dutotec line is born

    Aluminum electrical ducts for electrical installations, releasing the 1st catalog.

  • 2003 QtEquipamentos 2003 View of the factory in 2003
  • 2010 QtEquipamentos 2010 The QT Mov line is born

    Accessories for furniture, which facilitate accessibility in residential and corporate environments.

  • 2010 QtEquipamentos 2010 View of the factory in 2010
  • 2010 The QT SIEM and QT CLAD Cubicle certified line is born.

    Compact metal units to assemble switchgear and control, being the first line in Brazil approved by CEPEL.

  • 2011 The QGBT/CCM - TTA – PTTA line is born.

    Low voltage switchboards and motor control center

  • 2013 QtEquipamentos 2013 The Dutotec R40 line is born

    Aluminum electrical ducts for increased cable capacity

  • 2014 QtEquipamentos 2014 The Dutotec x line is born

    Aluminum electrical ducts for low cable capacity

  • 2014 QtEquipamentos 2015 View of the factory in 2015, year in which we celebrate Q&T Equipamentos’ 30th anniversary.

Constant investment

In addition to ongoing staff training and the constant search for quality in internal processes, the company recently invested in a new center of Salvagnini bending, low pressure rubber injection and a continuous painting center in the omega system.

Currently, Dutotec has representatives nationwide and throughout Mercosur. Its products are synonymous with Quality and Technology.

Quality Policy

“Be committed to continuous improvement of products, processes and services for steel and aluminum components in installation, seeking compliance with applicable requirements and growth by investing profits ensuring customer, supplier, employee and community satisfaction.”

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